A clarification: New York Cider Company’s SMOKEHOUSE does not taste smoky. We simply couldn't resist the moniker—or the story. The name comes from a legendary seedling discovered in the 1800s growing next to the smokehouse of one William Gibbons of Lampeter Township, Pennsylvania. Relatively rare these days, Smokehouse apples, along with Rhode Island Greenings and Northern Spies, form the backbone of this blend. These old American apples make for a hard cider that, with the help of wild fermentation, tastes at once dry and fruity. Bottle conditioning, a traditional cider-making technique that creates effervescence and natural sedimentation, adds complexity. Enjoy cool. Harvest year: 2017. $16


This cider takes its name from a beloved dog. A big yellow Labrador retriever who creates mischief with his sister, Aster, at our Ithaca, NY, farm. The dog is named for the wildflower mullein, distinguished by its soft, furry leaves and bold stalks of yellow flowers. The yellow theme popped up as we wrestled with naming this cider. We realized that, by chance, the majority of the apples contained within are yellow-skinned: Golden Russet, Roxbury Russet, Smith’s Cider, and several foraged apples, both wild and cultivated. MULLEIN, the cider, is full-bodied and fruity with soft acids and tannins. You decide what the dog, the plant, and the cider have in common. Or don’t bother. Enjoy cool. Harvest year: 2018. $18

Ithaca Sharp returns. Hugs, everyone: Thanks to your support, and an excellent 2018 harvest, New York Cider Company celebrates its first anniversary with the introduction of ITHACA SHARP #2. Like its predecessor––an homage to our hometown and the extraordinary wild and heirloom fruit here in apple country––the new Ithaca Sharp is dry, refreshingly tart, and full-bodied. (Salutes to Newtown Pippin, GoldRush, Northern Spy, Rhode Island Greening, and Golden Russet, among others.) Unlike its predecessor, this year’s blend enjoys strong forward tannins, no doubt from the bittersweet Chisel Jerseys we sourced and from a wild yellow bittersharp russet we foraged near our cidery. Enjoy cool. Harvest year: 2018. $18

is New York Cider Company’s crispest, driest hard cider, refreshingly tart, with almost no residual sugar. We picked the fruit from rescued 125- to 150-year-old heirloom Newtown Pippins and other trees we hold dear. These craggy antiques are remnants of the original orchard that once graced our 1820s farm in the New York Finger Lakes. Among the other apples in the blend: Smokehouse, Tompkins King, McIntosh, and GoldRush. New York Cider Company believes in sustainable farming methods and in traditional cider-making techniques. Ithaca Sharp is fermented naturally, allowing wild yeasts to impart their own unique, complex flavors. Effervescence develops spontaneously in the bottle. The evidence is the sediment at the bottom. Enjoy cool. Harvest year: 2017. $16

The blend makes the cider. HEDGEROW, New York Cider Company’s widest blend ever, celebrates that philosophy. In creating this complex, very dry cider, we picked more than 40 different heirloom and wild apples from abandoned orchards, farmyards, and even hedgerows. (A particular small yellow russet in this blend was scavenged from a secret hedgerow seedling near our New York Finger Lakes farm.) Given the fine fruit and our belief in traditional cider making, we thought natural fermentation and bottle conditioning were the best way to let them—and nature—speak for themselves. There’s a lot going on in the Hedgerow. See what you think. Enjoy cool. Harvest year: 2017. $16

A round of applause, please, for the countless barn swallows that reside at our Ithaca, New York, farm each year. Their enthusiastic aerial darts and dives provide nonstop entertainment—and blessed hours of mosquito-free orchard time. (Each barn swallow can consume 850 insects a day!) We named this blend BARN SWALLOW not only as a thank-you, but also because it describes how this very dry hard cider is made—and tastes. In keeping with traditional cider-making techniques, we fermented the cider naturally, allowing the native yeasts living on the fruit and in the orchard to impart their own complex, often unpredictable, flavors. One of those yeasts—Brettanomyces (Brett, for short)—imparts many of the pleasant wild and funky notes you taste in New York Cider Company’s Barn Swallow. Enjoy cool. Harvest year: 2017. $16